What's the best teeth whitener for sensitive teeth?

There are many people out there who have sensitive teeth but would like to whiten them. If that sounds like you, you know just how frustrating it can be to worry about how your teeth look and feel.


If your teeth are sensitive due to a dental condition such as gum disease or cavities, most dentists would recommend that you wait until your conditions clear before beginning a whitening regimen. 


However, if you've got the go-ahead from your dental professional, here are some of the best teeth whitening products for sensitive teeth that your dentist would approve of.


Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are one of the most popular methods for whitening teeth, and for a good reason. They're convenient, cheap, and they work incredibly well.


Our charcoal teeth whitening strips are perfect for sensitive teeth. They're gentle, quick to work, and easily removable.


Professional Home Kits

We also offer a professional home teeth whitening kit. Although it is less convenient than the strips, the kit is incredibly effective and safe for sensitive teeth. Refills are available as well.


Teeth Whitening Powder

Our activated charcoal natural teeth whitening powder can get a bit messy, but the results are worth it. The powder won't irritate your gums, and you can rest easy knowing that your teeth are safe.


Choose Cambridge Whites for Sensitive Teeth

At Cambridge Whites, all of our products are peroxide-free, which means everything we carry is safe for your teeth, gums, and mouth. When you choose Cambridge Whites, you can trust that every product is safe for your teeth.


Shop now for the teeth whitening products that are right for you and your sensitive teeth.